The Greatest Show on Earth

The Greatest Show on Earth

The Evidence for Evolution

Audiobook CD - 2009
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Sifting through rich layers of scientific evidence, Dawkins' "The Greatest Show on Earth" is a stunning counterattack on advocates of "Intelligent Design," explaining the evidence for evolution while exposing the absurdities of the creationist "argument."
Publisher: New York : Simon & Schuster Audio, p2009.
ISBN: 9780743579278
Characteristics: 14 compact discs (ca. 16 hr., 30 min.) :,digital ;,12 cm.
Additional Contributors: Ward, Lalla


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May 16, 2018

For all creationists who is still able to comprehend - please read this book.

Oct 19, 2017

I'm already in the choir accepting the evolution theory as fact and I certainly learned some supporting information through the book.
This book is not an easy read, it's repetitive, some of the information related to DNA, RNA, proteins etc, is technical and the book does not flow well, it is not really well organized.
I've been listening to it on tape, so it's even more difficult to absorb using only my auditory faculties. Worth reading if you have the patience to get through it though.

Oct 16, 2017

As a teacher of the Theory of Evolution, among other subjects, Dawkins stands out as one of the best, but for those of us who have already accepted the theory as fact, this book may seem tedious. I really doubt that those who have strong disbelief would read this in the first place or be convinced that it is true after finishing. So as the cliché goes, it is like “preaching to the choir”. I was amazed, however, that some 40% of people think that the world in only some 10,000 years old, which would necessarily put them into the “creationist” camp.
Alas, I simply could not drag myself through most of the book, and undoubtedly missed some interesting facts that the author brought up. But, if you are on the edge between evolution and creationism, this may be the book for you. If it fails to convince you of evolution’s veracity, at least you will have made the effort to understand what the other side is talking about.

Jan 27, 2017

In this very readable primer on evolution, Dawkins lays out in detail the overwhelming diverse, bountiful and frequently astounding genetic, biological, physiological and geological evidence pointing to its veracity. Highly recommended -- science is real. And awesome.

Dec 28, 2015

This is possibly my favorite science book. This books, clearly and lucidly explains what we know about evolution, how we know it, why we know it is fact and not fable, and how anyone can confirm this for themselves through the evidence all around them. This book is a book I will be giving as reading material for budding young would be biologists. This book is thought provoking and much more genuinely friendly than Dawkins' preceding book: The God Delusion. This is worth the read.

Dec 28, 2015

After reading Richard Dawkin's "The greatest show on Earth" which is tremendously an amazing book if you want to know so many facts about the evolution, and in which it is a fact itself...
and after slightly understanding so many (and not everything) of the scientific theories mentioned in the book, not to mention decoding Richard's English (thank you Google translator), and no wonder it is one of the greatest books I will ever read in my life.
However, although he himself is an atheist biologist who subsequently, tries to prove that everything went through natural selection starting point zero...I surprisingly couldn't find any intense and undebatable contradiction with the probability that a super complex intentional calculated initiation has occurred by a sort of any super natural force/entity/God, before point zero.
so whether you are a believer in God or not, the book will satisfy your thirst for facts and true scientific recordings, never the less, showing you, romantically, the beauty of the world.

Apr 22, 2015

I've read most of Richard Dawkin's books. My favorite is "The Ancestor's Tale." This book is a great review with lots of new, interesting material too. It is amazing to me that so many intelligent people willfully choose to be ignorant of science.

Nov 13, 2014

Learn from professor Dawkins "Why I won't debate creationists"
“What is it about evolution theory that Albertans don't get? – However you describe it -- distinct, peculiar, or stubborn -- it's undeniable: Albertans possess a unique propensity for bucking national trends.”
by The Calgary Herald August 12, 2008

Sep 01, 2014

I agree with buckwild, although I do not know much about Hovind. Look into the Answers in Genesis website. Also, read _The Greatest Hoax On Earth? Refuting Dawkins On Evolution_ by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati. To Ron@Ottawa, "Fact and science based discussions presented here are convincing and logical." Excuse me what exactly do you mean by "logical"? Or more importantly how can logic exist in an evolutionary worldview?

Aug 31, 2014

Dawkin's book, while thought provoking, did not provide me with the kind of evidence needed to prove evolution, that is, macro-evolution. I believe at the beginning of the book Dawkins said, ''Evolution is a fact, and this book will demonstrate it. No reputable scientists denies this...'' Right there Dawkins commits the no true Scotsman fallacy when he used the word ''reputable'' to refer to a scientist, but I could equally well say, ''Actually, no reputable scientist accepts evolution.'' Keep in mind that I would never actually say this but I just wanted to express the absurdity in his claim. I highly recommend _In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose To Believe in Creation_ edited by Dr. John F. Ashton and also _The Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving the Origins Debate_ by Dr. Jason Lisle.

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